film-making+social media +climate+space 
the hottest topics of our time... 

We combined the hottest topics of our time... and created a design-thinking experience for adolescents! 

We'll explain the crucial role of space data in  understanding climate change, while creating a narrative through film-making and social media. 

Join us, on a fun path of discovery!

 We will:

- engage you in Climate Change in a fun way, with hands-on film-making activities, combining leisure with pedagogy!

- let you speak up about what you think is important!
- involve your parents, friends, family & community through social media!
- increase your knowledge so you can take appropriate action!
- give you a chance to win a once in a life-time experience!

We'll dive into:

 - script writing, casting and all sorts of film-making techniques

- environmental issues, climate change & climate action
- all about space / satellites and why they are important
- last but not least: good (planetary) citizenship!

But that's just where it begins...




At the end of the workshop, you'll be aware of global climate issues, think of local solutions, and have become a Planetary Ambassador!

You'll have produced one (or more) films. And through social media as many people as possible will get involved to decide which ones are the best.

Winners will be able to chose their prize upon their preference: attend a Climate event (like COP) or 
Space Camp.

Now doesn't that sound like fun?!

Yep. Tell me more!