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Core Team

Cameron has helped Jim with PCs4KIDS' Education, an initiative to bring a huge package of edutainment to kids globally through repurposing / upcycling of very old computers. For free, of course!

Originally from Australia, but now (also) based in London, U.K.. Cameron has a passion for EdTech and currently oversees the software estate of one the worlds largest professional services organisations. Cameron is our Chief Strategy Officer, CSO. 

Caitlin is a Visual Media Designer. She was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. In 2015 Caitlin followed her passion for visual media to California, where she completed her post-secondary education in Visual Media Design.

Caitlin has a wealth of design experience and volunteers for organizations helping those in need. Caitlin proudly volunteered with PCs4KIDS' Education, with Jim & Cameron. In 2017 she was nominated for the UNV Online Volunteer Award. She now resides and thrives in California with her husband and a very spoiled Labrador Retriever.

Gracio is helping us with graphical work. Most notably: the logo & the (blue) Space 4 Climate "text logo" for now. In the future he will help with the website, and crafting our in-house style for all stationaries including our PowerPoint template. 

Gracio is based in Belagavi, India and works as Process Engineer on New Product Development in the Manufacturing Engineering Department at AeroStructures Manufacturing India Pvt Ltd (Aequs Aerospace).

Jim, a space educator, is passionate about saving lives, especially of children! He's also VERY passionate about Africa. Jim has done many volunteer things: founded SGAC, was Education Director @World Space Week (WSW), Governing Member @International Space University (ISU), helped Students for the Exploration & Development of Space (SEDS), and is very active @IAF. Above all, Jim is married with children (N=4)! Jim works at Eumetsat via Serco, is Dutch, based in Bonn, Germany and yes, he's the Founder & CEO.