film-making+social media +climate+space 
the hottest topics of our time... 

What we offer:

We will:
- engage YOU in Climate Change, in a fun way, with hands-on film-making activities, combining leisure with pedagogy!
- let YOU speak up about what YOU think is important!
- involve YOUR parents, friends, family & community through social media!
- increase YOUR knowledge so YOU can take action!

- give YOU a chance to win a once in a life-time experience!

How do we do it?

We will provide a series of customised online workshops developed for classrooms of 20-30 students. We have different content for different ages. Besides high-quality lectures, you can ask questions via Slido. You will need to hand in (weekly) practical assignments via Padlet. Each online workshop will be supported by a (local) fascilitator who will receive the fees you paid. Yes, we do NOT earn any money! Sponsors will support our efforts.


Your teacher will love this: your teacher can choose the intensity / length of the weekly lectures, the difficulty level as well as the time slots. 


Availability of and booking a workshop fascilitator is handled by Eventbrite.

NB: Individual participation i.e. outside of school (for any age) is possible, but scheduling might take longer as groups will (need to) be formed first.

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